Coasters made with dried flowers

I made this fabulous flower coasters from real DRIED flower!!  If you have a closer look, you would see the speckle of flowers.

Who doesn't love receiving bouquet of flowers, but what do you do with them when they whither away!!! Throw in bin of course, NOPE.  How about preserving  before this happens.  I preserve my flowers in silica gel when they're still fresh enough and hold their colour.  I have always love the perfumery smell you get when opening the air tight container that the flowers and silica are kept in.  I tend to dry them for at least 6 weeks to make sure all moisture are out.

It's difficult to keep the flowers intact or make something tangible from it.  But then I give you this fushia pink resin coaster made with mica powder mix in resin with the dried flower petals.  These really does take your breathe away when you look at it close up.  The colours are really vibrant.

Hope you love it and let me know if you wish to have one made for yourself and in what colours.  At the moment this exact one are available online www.laflicksdesign.com

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